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Weight: 92 (Grams)
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Five (5) Printing Area
Self sealing for mailing envelops using double sided tape  
PVC Sleeves   Qty:
Additional Outer Mailing Envelope   Qty:
Self sealing for outer mailing envelope using double sided tape  
Guest Names and Addresses Qty:
Hand written by Professional calligraphers on mailing envelope
Printed directly on mailing envelope
Address Lables
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This cost calculator cum Order page helps to calculate your total cost. It is more or less in same lines with the cost given by a sales person. So you have a quite decent idea. If you have a complicated order, with lots of printings and variations, order it thru email. It will be much easier.
In case you have made an order choosing wrong things, than nothing to worry about. Just drop an email with the details and a sales person will help you correct costing and make necessary payment adjustments.
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